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Monday, 11 January 2016

Crystal Healing Bracelets UK

I am an independant Jewellery designer based in Yorkshire, England who has been making crystal healing jewellery for Men and Women for over 5 years now. I only work with high quality semi precious stone beads, sacred woods and real precious metals. Learn more about what I do below or go straight to my shop Merkaba Warrior.

Only High Quality Stones

I select only the best gemstone beads from a trusted proffesional gemstone suppliers. I do not purchase beads from Ebay sellers or source cheap beads from the far East (known for their fakes...). When you get a bracelet from me you are getting only high quality natural stones.

Lepidolite Om Bracelet and Lavender Jade Buddha Bracelet

Genuine Handmade Jewellery

I make all my bracelets myself. You can be certain you are not getting Sweat Shop made crystal bracelets that are sadly being sold everywhere. I design each piece myself with care and thought. My jewellery is inspired by Mala beads and Prayer Beads from various ancient cultures.

Tigers Eye, Carnelian and Smoky Quartz

Real Precious Metals

I use Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil. I also use high quality Silver Plated and Gold Plated parts. Please don't be fooled by people with similar looking charms or buddha beads which are made from mystery metals which may be toxic...

Mens Buddha Bracelet Set

Real Crystal Healing Knowledge

I have been interested in crystal healing and working with crystals for over 20 years now. I am the author of Discover Your Guardian Stone and am writing several soon to be published books on crystal healing. I use my knowledge of crystals in my designs and descriptions. To learn more about my books or crystal healing  please visit

Aqua Terra Om Bracelet and New Jade Lotus Bracelet

A Trusted UK Seller

I have been selling my jewellery online for 5 years now and have two local art Galleries that have a selection of my jewellery. I have a 5 Star Rating on my Etsy shop with hundreds of positive reviews. I am grateful to have valued customers who have been collecting my jewellery for years. But dont take my word for it, see what others are saying:

"Delivery was within a couple of days and the bracelet was perfect. Excellent quality and exceeded my expectations. Would definately recommend."

 "I bought a bracelet from you and wanted to let you know that it was the most wonderful thing I have purchased in a long time! So thank you for creating such a wonderfully simple piece of pleasure. Keep up the fantastic work and I will look to buy more from you in the future."

"The products fantastically designed, but the fact it came in a small bag with hand written thank you made me smile. Fantastic product which I love, and it arrived quicker than I expected. Couldn't fault anything!" 

Fine Silver Elephant Charm Bracelets. Amazonite and Pearl

Good Vibes Included for free!

I personally use crystal healing on a daily basis. I store all Merkaba Warrior jewellery in protective boxes with the Flower of Life symbol on. I feel this gives my jewellery great energy and keeps it clear. I have been told many times my jewellery has a good energy.

Each item comes in a hand printed bag with extras

Please check out my Etsy Shop Merkaba Warrior to see the full range of bracelets, necklaces, read detailed descriptions, Crystal Healing properties and see close up photos.

Thank you,

Merkaba Warrior Shop

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