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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Men's Bohemian Style Guide - Accessories

It can be hard to know what exactly to wear to give an authentic bohemian look for men without going overboard. Although this look is currenly gaining popularity again it is still hard to find pieces for men. I find the bohemian style works better when it is subtle. Wearing the right jewellery or accessories can be enough and from there you can add in more items of clothing to work with the look.

"You don't need to wear all these items together, just try one or two"

I have created the following list of accessories to help you create a more bohemian look (all pieces featured contain links to the shops & makers) I will give you some pointers if your still trying to work out what is considered bohemian and what to avoid. Note that many style rules you may have seen elsewhere do not apply to this look. Its an ecletic look so rules can be bent and broken!

The Scarf

A classic, this is quite an arty look and not for everyone. Any scarf worn long over a shirt will give you a bohemian flair. If you're looking for patterns then go for ethnic inspired prints including Paisley, small geometric patterns, ancient texts and symbols. Look for earth tones. You may wish to invest in handmade scarfs and silk if you really like this look. Do not feel concerned about looking at women's scarfs which are sometimes very unisex.

Mens Tribal Print Scarf by Futurerity2

Beaded Bracelets 

These are easy to wear anywhere and with anything. Think ethnic, something picked up while away traveling or from a distant culture. Avoid overly minamalist styles, items that look mass produced or generic. Beads can be wood or gemstone. Think mala's and prayer beads, go for handmade items. Start with two or three bracelets or a layered one, only wear more if you're really sure. Charms work well but avoid visable logos, branded beads or tags.

Stone Buddha Bracelet by Merkaba Warrior


This is similar to the scarf but much shorter and generally thinner material. They are worn tied around the neck and should be visable under a casual shirt, denim or a linen works well. These do not work with smart or formal shirts as well. Look for bandana prints, Eastern or Indian motifs and patterns. Try to look for contrasting colours to your shirt. If you cant find these just buy a bandana and wear it round the neck.

Mens Aztec Neckerchief by Sir Chamber

Metal Cuffs

These work well on their own or combined with beaded bracelets. With metals you can wear anything from  silver, brass, bronze, copper, rose gold or gold. Cuffs can be very simple or antique looking but watch out for overly ornate designs unless you know you can pull it off. Think Celtic, Viking, Tibetan, Inidan or handmade artisan looking. A hammered or hand tooled finish is great. Avoid English wording, externally branded pieces or logos!

Hammered Copper Bracelet by String Of Jewels Cuffs


You can wear a long chain necklace with pendant or crystal attached. This does not have to be fully visable or worn over clothing. The other style you can try is a beaded necklace which looks like or is a Mala. These are prayer beads from Buddhist or Hindu traditions. You can wear gemstone, wood or seed beads. Again you do not have to wear this completely visable and only layer necklaces if you're confident.

Ganesh Necklace by Merkaba Warrior

Did you find this blog post helpful? Any boho tips to offer yourself? If so I would love to hear from you in the comment below!

Thank you,
Ethan ॐ

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