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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Crystals for Tarot and Oracle Card Readings - Supercharge your Spreads!

I'm seeing more and more people use crystals with their Tarot and Oracle Card readings for themselves or professionally. This does is not just to look pretty there is a very good reason people are doing this and why it works well. Having crystals near by when doing a reading can really help you focus on the spiritual realm, they can tune you in psychicly, ground you or offer protection. Here are my top tips for crystals for Tarot and Oracle Card Readings. Please note all the photos in this blog post are my own. You can see more photos like these over on my Instagram page for 'Merkaba Warrior'.

The Wild Unknown Tarot with a Rose Quartz Vogel Wand and Chakra Pyramid

Crystal Formations

You can easily place small polished Tumble Stones and natural Crystal Points around your card spread to assist in a reading. Free standing points can be used to raise the vibration or connect with spirit. You can use Clusters, Crystal Wands or carved crystals like Angels, Power Animals or Crystal Skulls, depending on the type of reading and energies you work with. Crystal Balls can activate the Third Eye Chakra and connect to cosmic energies. You can use Pyramids or create ambiance with a crystal Tea Light Holder. Many people like to arrange crystals around their cards like a Crystal Grid. We will look at the type of crystals you can use later.

The Kuan Yin Oracle Cards with Amethyst Point and Aventurine Dragon

Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot with a variety of crystals

Crystal Jewellery

You could wear your stones. A gemstone pendant can activate the Heart Chakra or the Throat Chakra depending where it hangs. Crystal bead bracelets or wrist malas can allow the properties to come through your hands as you shuffle your cards.

Lepidolite Om Bracelet and Lavender Jade Buddha Bracelet by Merkaba Warrior  


Types of Crystals

There are many ways you can select the crystals you wish to use in a reading. You can use your intuition or the knowledge from a crystal book to find crystals that will help bring something to your readings. You may find you work with the same crystals all the time or choose different ones for each reading or work with specific crystals for the deck you are using. Generally you might look for crystals for psychic abilities, intution or clarity. Next ill share some of my personal suggestions for types of crystals you could use and why.

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards with a Faceted Quartz, Amethyst Pendulum and Candle Quartz

The Messenger Oracle with a Tibetan Black Quartz crystal and etched pebble

Crystals for Tarot and Oracle Card Readings:


Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz crystals bring clarity to your readings. They can raise the energy and absorb harmful energies which could interfere with the reading. This is a good crystal to store with your cards as it can help cleanse them.


Amethyst opens the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra, it anchors spiritual energies and brings out our natural psychic abilities. Also has protective qualities and can cleanse the space of negative energy.


This one will both shield your reading from unhelpful outside energies but will also keep you grounded. Hematite can help keep the psychic information you recieve practacle and useful in your day to day life.

Angelite & Crystal Angels

These can be used to increase your angelic connection, making them useful for doing Angel Card readings with Oracle Cards or Angel themed Tarot decks.

Rose Quartz

Use Rose Quartz to add loving and supportive energies to readings which are more like spiritual councelling, questions on tough or sensitive topics and relationship readings.  It can ease fears for people who are nervous during readings. A good crystal for Goddess Oracle Cards and Tarot cards.

Varicite or Aqua Terra Jasper

Helps you blend spiritual wisdom with grounded common sense in your readings. Has a very calming and soothing effect.

Tiger's Eye

Ideal to bring self confidence to your readings or encourage others to have confidence in their life. Good for readings where a more positive outlook is needed or on questions relating to career.

Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot card with Tiger's Eye Pyramid, Carnelian and Red Jasper

Lapis Lazuli

Helps tune you into your inner spiritual wisdom. A protective high vibration stone that is also a good choice for those working with Egyptian themed Tarot or Oracle Card decks.


This crystal supports readings for those on a spiritual or ascension path. Also a good choice for Elemental/Fairy or Dragon themed Oracle Cards or Tarot decks.

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