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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Womens Celtic Bracelets - Inspired by Celtic, Nordic and Viking eras

This is a selection from my current bracelets which have Celtic inspirations. Ive used the spiral or Celtic band here to emphasise this. I am not a fan of going overboard with Celtic patterns or motifs, so you will see I keep things nice and simple. To see more pics and read more details of these designs simply click the photos.

What does the Celtic Spiral mean?

There are alot of different ideas about the symbolism and meaning of spirals and Celtic bands. Some feel they represent snakes or dragons others think they show branches of a tree or even astrological bodies (Sun, Stars, Galaxies?). One things for sure though, the same designs turn up all over the World in many ancient cultures too. The Celtic spiral or Celtic band can be seen as a symbol of our union with the Divine, the Goddess, a positive spiritual path and aligning with the natural cycles of time.

Celtic Spiral Bracelets with Tigers Eye, Carnelian and Smoky Quartz.

Energetic Properties: Tiger’s Eye helps increase your self confidence, encourages a more positive outlook and gives protection. It also helps you better focus and manifest success in your life. Carnelian is a motivational stone, it increases your creativity and is said to cleanse itself and all other crystals. Smoky Quartz is grounding, highly protective and absorbs negative thought patterns or energies.

Element: Fire & Earth

Celtic Band Bracelet with Aqua Terra Jasper ( Variscite )

Energetic Properties: Aqua Terra Jasper or Variscite is a gently soothing and calming stone for the mind body and spirit. It helps you blend spiritual wisdom with grounded common sense. Aqua Terra Jasper also balances the emotions, increases courage and brings hope even in the most challenging of times.

Element: Water & Earth

Celtic Spiral Bracelet with Serpentine and Prehnite

Energetic Properties: Prehnite helps you reach deeper levels of meditation, shields the aura and helps you let go of things that no longer serve you. Worn for protection since ancient times, Serpentine is also highly detoxifying. It clears the Chakras and assists in raising the Kundalini energy. This stone helps you access your inner wisdom and even past life memories.

Element: Earth

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