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Friday, 17 May 2013

Feng Shui Art Tips - Contemporary Artwork for Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room and Bedrooms

Art placed on your walls can really change the energy of your living space, for good or bad. Ideally and for Feng Shui purposes you need to be careful that the artwork you place is not depressing, disturbing, violent or too dark. There are certain symbols that are considered to bring positive energy and changes into your home and life but it does not always suit people to have traditional Chinese artwork on their walls.

I do not believe it is a good idea to place anything in your home that you do not like or that does not make you feel good looking at it. For those with contemporary or modern homes this can be a very tricky area, to select the right art but to also match the look, feel and colours of a modern home.

Giuliana Lazzerini is an artist  who I know personally and who has produced many Paintings, Limited Edition Prints and linocuts ( Lino block prints) over the years which many feel have a peaceful, relaxing and positive look to them. She has no background knowledge of how the symbols are used in Feng Shui. Here are a selection of some of her works which are available online at her Etsy shop or on her website (Links below) which will help bring in a calm atmosphere and energy to any space.

Her Etsy Shop is The Bluebird Gallery and her website is

White Blossom

White Blossom features a tree blossoming in springtime. Tree blossom such as Peach, Plum or Cherry has long been considered lucky and auspicious in many Asian countries and represents new growth. Peach blossom can also symbolise love and romance and has been used for protection. The tree is also like the tree of life a universal symbol. A white hare or rabbit (Chinese Zodiac sign) and a bird (peace or opportunities) are also represented. You could place this in the Love and Relationships corner of the home, or your Bedroom. This Linocut can also be placed in your Peach Blossom Luck or Star direction, especially if you were born in the year of the Tiger, Horse or Dog.

How to use the Peach Blossom Luck Formula.

Birds Flight Orange

Birds flying over Pine Tree (Inner Strength) covered mountains is considered a very auspicious and positive image to have in the home.The mountain represents support and protection and helps with your career. The flock of birds symbolises good news coming you way. You can place this Limited Edition Linocut behind you in your work place or Office. For those who work with Flying Star Feng Shui you could use this picture in any room with a lucky Mountain Star such as the white star 8 or the small Tai Chi of the Living Room or Dining Room.


Fish are said to represent good money flow in Feng Shui so are associated with wealth. As these fishes are swimming they are considered a representation of 'yang water' which is more powerful in activating energy. The colour blue used here also represents the element of Water which is associated with wealth and business luck and the white markings are the Metal element which strengthens Water. You could place this linocut in your wealth corner of your home or your Workspace. In Flying Star Feng Shui it would be good to place in the location of an auspicious Water Star if a water feature is not an option.

White Horse

Here a white horse walks through a green field with flowers and a gift bearing bird on its back. The horse is a symbol of victory and success. It is also the personal symbol for those born in the year of the Horse but also could be used as a Peach Blossom luck animal (See formula above) for those who were born in the year of the Ox, Snake or Rooster. It could also represent the Wind Horse a Tibetan symbol of success.You could place this near the entrance of your home (facing inwards), the Dining Room, Living Room, your Office or in the wealth and prosperity area of the home or work place. The Horse can also be placed in the South of your home or Office for recognition at work, the green colour is a Wood element which strengthens the Fire element of the South sector.

Night Path

This is a Limited Edition of a watercolour painting of a villa that definitely has good Feng Shui. The house on a hill has a big mountain directly behind it. The Mountain represents support and protection, the image of a mountain can be placed behind you where you work or at the location of a auspicious Mountain Star.

Love Garden

Love Garden shows a perfectly trimmed tree with two love birds. A small cage in the background shows that they are free. Another Tree of Life with birds symbol but it can also be used for relationships here. You could place this Linocut in the Master Bedroom or the love and relationships sector of the home or the Bedroom.Trees can also be used as a symbol of the element of Wood where needed and when a plant is not appropriate (Bedrooms).

Forest Deers

Deers are not as well known for their significance in the East and for Feng Shui purposes. The Chinese word for deer is 'Lu' which also means income. The deer is said to represent both prosperity and longevity. You could place this artwork anywhere in the home or workplace, it would be good in the Dining or Living Room. The colour is red which is also a very yang colour which makes it even more powerful.

This is just a small selection of her artwork, there is more of these themes at her Etsy Shop The Bluebird Gallery and her website is


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