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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bracelet Inspired by the Himalayas, Agartha and Hollow Earth Legends

Labradorite, Faceted Himalayan Quartz and Silver

I was very inspired by Prayer Beads and Malas from the Himalayas and Tibet for this bracet design. I have been interested also in the stories and legends about Agartha, Inner Earth and Hollow Earth Theory. I chose Labradorite for this bracelet because it has an ethereal quality to it, when it catches the light the iridescent colours are illuminated, greens, blue greens and sunset pinks.

Hollow Earth entrances and map of Agartha

The Northern Lights are another thing I am fascinated by, although most people say they are caused by charged particles from the Sun people in the past and even now think that these mystical lights are emanating from the North and South Polar Openings and are caused by an Inner Sun. The central focal bead ive used is hand crafted in Bali Silver and looks a bit like it has its own Hollow Earth entrances...

Labradorite flash (Very hard to photograph!)

Northern Lights by Warren Gammel

I also used hand faceted Himalayan Quartz beads from Nepal which are used in Mala Beads in Tibet, India and Nepal. The Quartz crystals of this region have a very icy look and they are considered by these people to be the most spiritually potent due to being found in the sacred Mountians of the Himalayas.

Stack of three of these special bracelets, they look great if layered

Energetic Properties of this Bracelet:

Labradorite helps raise your consciousness, gives energetic protection and stimulates the imagination. This is also a powerful crystal for spiritual transformation and the ascension process. Quartz crystal helps amplify your intentions to the Universe and enlarges the Auric field, It clears and heals on all levels.

Bracelet Affirmation: “Each day I am Evolving, each day I am Renewed.”

Chakra: Crown Chakra & Third Eye

Astrology: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Cancer & Leo

Element: Air & Fire

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