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Friday, 16 August 2013

Merkaba Warrior Jewellery Update August 2013

Plum Jade and Lepidolite Bracelets

Hi, thought id update everyone with whats been going on this last month or so:

Merkaba Warrior Facebook Page

As some of you know I decided to take a break from Facebook for a while, this break lasted 7 months. Because my personal account is linked with my Merkaba Warrior Page that also went offline. Well ive decided to come back and my page is back up and running. Ill be posting the latest pics of things im working on, newly released designs and other things for you so if you havent yet, please like my page. I am going to do a giveaway too so its a good time to join!

 New Buddha Necklaces

I have two Thai Buddha amulet necklaces ready made and will be up soon. I am just waiting for a clear day to take some photos. Ive made one with a golden amulet and purple Lepidolite beads, this one will go really well if you have my Lepidolite Om Bracelet. Its been a while since I used Dragon's Eye (Red Tiger Eye) in a Buddha Necklace so ive made another one. Hopefully have these listed by next week. Remember these are one off designs because of the vintage amulets so dont miss them!

Dragons Eye Buddha Necklace (Sold)

New Designs:

Ive had lots of ideas lately and im working on a few new designs as I write this. I have one made from Black Sandalwood mala beads with a Silver plated Maldive Coin charm (Beautiful Arabic writing) and a single Pyrite bead. Ive also got a Men's bracelet with a Gold plated skull and Tiger Ebony beads. Im working on a new bracelet set for men which will feature a new Buddha Bracelet made with Picture Jasper and Indian Sandalwood.

Quick snap of Maldive Coin Bracelet

Back In Stock Soon!

I am just waiting for a shipment of Plum Jade for more Women's Buddha Bracelets. This purple jade is natural and undyed as far as I can know. This design was a tester and got allot of interest so I will be making more in the next couple of weeks and relisting them again!

Plum Jade Buddha Bracelet

The women's Black Moonstone Buddha Bracelet with Om mala bead will also be back soon. Another new design which has proved very popular and works well when worn with other Black Moonstone and Silver pieces:

Women's Black Moonstone (Larvikite) Buddha Bracelet

You can find all these designs and much more at my shop Merkaba Warrior on etsy, I ship worldwide.

Ivan ॐ

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