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Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Spiritual Bracelet and Yoga Neklaces for Spring Summer 2013

Hi all, I havent done an update with new designs for a while. The last couple of months have been very busy for my shop which is great but this also means that not all items are in stock all the time. I think it is very important to keep an eye on my shop and log in from week to week incase you have missed something.

What you see today is not the complete range and I also add new designs as 'Trials' so some designs I will not continue and only make 2 or 3 of them and thats it. Other times I am unable to get certain beads or charms any more so I have to stop making a design or I do a redesign, which keeps things interesting.

Here are a few of my latest designs and there will be more over the Summer too. Hope you like them. Please let me know what you think.

Men's Star of David Bracelet

I have found some really nice rustic looking Silver charms with a six pointed star on them. This symbol has been used in many ancient cultures and ive paired it with cool blue Sodalite beads here. Ive decided to keep it very simple here.

Energetic Properties:

Sodalite helps you unite logic with intuition, opens the third eye and activates the pineal gland. Sodalite is believed to protect against harmful EMFs. This blue stone helps you learn to trust people and calms the mind. The six pointed star is an ancient symbol and has been used by different cultures, some say it represents the balance of natural elements like fire and water or spirit and matter.

Kuchi Tribe Coin Necklace

Ive been using tribal coin charms and pendants for a while now for my necklaces and mala inspired pieces. This time ive found these small coin pendants which were made by the Kuchi tribe as part of a larger ceremonial necklace. The coins appear to have been in use in Pakistan, the reverse shows a cresent moon and star. The bohemian mix of two metals led me to using the bronze finished chain here. I think it works great and perfect for those who are looking for a smaller pendant.

Energetic Properties:

These coins have been worn as amulets by the many different tribes for their protective powers. The coin pendant has been energetically cleansed in a Copper Pyramid.

Bloodstone and Carnelian Buddha Bracelet

My Men's Bloodstone Buddha Bracelet has done really well so ive now got a women's version which is slightly different. Many of you have asked for more womens Buddha Bracelets. Ive been very drawn to the forest green stone and here ive used an antique copper finished Buddha head bead. The green and red stone is matched with a high quality faceted red Carnelian bead.

Energetic Properties:

Bloodstone has been revered since ancient times for its healing and health giving properties. It is a powerful protector and also helps you face challenges with courage. Carnelian is a motivational stone, it increases your creativity and is said to cleanse itself and all other crystals. The meditative Buddha head reminds us to always keep our focus inward.

Lapis Lazuli Lotus Bracelet

I love Lapis Lazuli and its hard to get it with a good deep blue, plenty of Pyrite and little calcite inclusions. These 6mm beads are the best ive found and ive paired the midnight blue stones with a Gold Vermeil Lotus charm (Solid Fine Silver charm dipped in 24k Gold). The accent is Gold plated too.

Energetic Properties:

Lapis Lazuli symbolises the starry night sky and has been highly prised since ancient times for its powerful psychic protection properties. It strengthens your intuition and also eases stress. The Lotus flower symbolises rising above obstacles on your spiritual path.

Black Moonstone Buddha Bracelet

My women's Norwegian Black Moonstone (Larvikite) and Herkimer Diamond Om bracelet is one of my most popular designs. Ive now added a bracelet that I feel will work perfectly with it. This women's bracelet uses round Black Moonstone beads a Silver Plated Buddha head and a hand painted Nepalese Om mala bead.

Energetic Properties:

Black Moonstone enhances intuition and psychic awareness, gives psychic protection and helps shield you from unwanted attention. The meditative Buddha head reminds us to always keep our focus inward.

Lepidolite Mantra Bracelet

Ive recently introduced a purple Om Bracelet using gold elements. Lepidolite is a deep purple with a light shimmer caused by its crystal structure. Ive used a Gold Vermeil Om charm (24k Gold Dipped Silver) and a beautiful capped conch shell Mala bead. This special bead has been inscribed with the Lotus Mantra. 

Energetic Properties:

Lepidolite is believed to help in reducing stress and depression. It balances moods and is also said to be 'The Stone of Transition'. The Conch Shell is sacred to Vishnu and one of the eight Buddhist treasures, it is associated with inner strength and knowledge. Om represents all of creation, removes distractions and helps maintain emotional calmness.

Labradorite Om Necklace

This is a new delux necklace created from round and faceted Labradorite beads. Many have a good blue green fire. Ive made this necklace long like a mala with a rustic Om pendant and plenty of ornate Bali Silver spacers which are spaced in a non symetrical way. You may also be able to wear it as a wrist mala.

Energetic Properties:

Labradorite helps raise your consciousness, gives energetic protection and stimulates the imagination. This is also a powerful crystal for spiritual transformation and the ascension process. Om represents all of creation, removes distractions and helps maintain emotional calmness.

You can find all these designs and much more at my shop Merkaba Warrior on etsy, I ship worldwide.

Ivan ॐ

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