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Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to Wear Bracelets with a Blazer or Suit - Mens Style Guide

As more and more men are wearing more tailored clothing like blazers it can be nice to add your own individuality and character to the look quite easily with a carefully chosen bracelet. Here is a quick guide to help you add some personal style to what your wearing. Ive also made some suggestions for handmade bracelets you can find online which help create this look. Click the images to find out more.

Beads stacked with a watch

Look 1

Above you can see here the model is wearing a matt black beaded bracelet which matches the black and grey checked shirt and grey blazer. Here even the belt matches the bracelet and the contasting white trousers/chinos really make it work. The bracelet is stacked nicely before the classic faced watch with a nylon Nato style strap. The watch has silver metal which goes well with the matt black beads, try to consider this with watch and bracelet combinations. Black and Silver bracelets can also be used by those who wish to keep a more edgy or alternative look.

Create This Look:

Matt Black Stone and Silver Celtic Bracelet

Matt Black Stone and Garnet Wrap Bracelet

Black Wood  Silver Cross Bracelet

Blue and white details

Look 2

Another beads and watch combination, the bohemian look of the beads balances out the smart watch and blazer. Notice how the white semi precious stone beads pick up the details or the white face of the watch and the white pattern of the plaid shirt. The white works really well with the blue of the watch strap and the shirt here. Two additional but smaller bracelets are also worn here but notice that all are placed on one side and before the watch on the wrist.

Create This Look:

White Howlite Bead Bracelet

Picture Jasper Om Bracelet

Mantra Prayer Bead Bracelet

Beaded and Leather Bracelets

Look 3

A woven leather bracelet is paired with smaller bead bracelets. The earthy natural browns of the leather, wood or stone beads compliment the navy blue of the suit. Blue and brown is a classic combination which is easy to pull off. Adding handmade items such as these bracelets takes the edge off the formality of the suit and gives it more character.

Create This Look:

Braided Brown Leather Bracelet

Magnetic Woven Leather Bracelet

Tiger Eye Celtic Bracelet

Tweed and leather

Look 4

A tweed blazer is worn here with a brown wrapped leather bracelet. The brown leather highlights the woven leather belt and pocket square, it would also work with brown leather shoes. Blue, grey and brown work well together, the thick textured layers of the blazer, tie and cord waist coat contrast the smooth leather bracelet. You could also match the tweed with distressed leather or suede bracelet too.

Create This Look:

Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet

Leather Cord Clasp Bracelet

Leather Infinity Bracelet

Woven Bracelets

Look 5

Woven bracelets add a pop of colour to this blazer or suit. The yellow and green woven bracelet works well with the fabric of the blazer and highlights the checked pattern. The blue bracelet matches the blue of the blazer and helps the yellow bracelet blend in more so it does not look to out of place. This is good for those who who like the boldness of a spash of bright colour but dont want to much, it also can create also add a sporty look to the outfit. Try blue with yellow, red or orange but keep it to a minimum of one bracelet in a contasting colour so as not to overdo it.

Create The Look:

Blue Rope Bracelet

Yellow Woven Bracelet

Red Leather Bracelet

Buddha Bracelet

Look 6

Last but not least... A simple black suit with white shirt is complimented with a black leather strap watch. The Watch has a silver metal case with black watch face so it works well with the black and Silver bracelet. The Buddha Bracelet ads a bohemian twist to what would be a very formal and classic look.

Create The look:

Norwegian Black Moonstone Buddha Bracelet

Try this alternative - Onyx and Silver Skull Bracelet

The Gold Buddha head would work well with Gold Watches

Which look do you like the best? You can find some of these bracelets and many more at my shop Merkaba Warrior on etsy, I ship worldwide.

Ivan ॐ

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