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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cleansing Crystal Jewellery - Clearing Negative Energies

Most people have semi precious stone jewellery of some kind, all jewellery will pick up energies over time but those with natural stones can be more susceptible to absorbing energies. These energies are mostly from your own aura, thoughts and sometimes energies from other people and places. Stones will absorb negative energies, which should be energetically cleansed from time to time to keep the stones working at their best and to avoid any unwanted energy hanging about.

Most people who collect crystals and are interested in the metaphyscial properties and uses of stones will have their own ways to cleanse or purify their crystals but sometimes people forget to clear their jewellery. The problem is also that jewellery can become damaged or tarnished with many of the most well known cleansing methods.

Avoid These Common Mistakes: Never place your jewellery in salt water or even plain water, no matter who tells you its ok. This could physically damage and corrode certain stones, damage the stringing material, wire or any type of precious metals they have been set in. Direct sunlight can also fade the colour of your gemstones over time...

Some of the best and safest ways to your clear your crystal and gemstone jewellery that I recomend are listed below:


You can get smudge sticks made from bundles of dry sage at many new age and metaphysical shops or make your own if you have a sage plant. You light one end, blow it out so it smoulders and place in a heat proof dish, bowl or abalone shell. Pass your jewellery through the smoke a few times with the intension of clearing it. Dont overdo it, this is powerful stuff.


Salt has a very long history for its cleansing or purification properties in many cultures. Any salt will do but ideally you should use Sea Salt or Rock Salt. Fill a small bowl with the salt and then lay your jewellery on the surface, no need to bury it! Leave it on the salt for a few hours or over night if you like. Every so often its a good idea to refresh the salt and start again. Never let the salt get damp or wet or place wet items in the salt as this could damage them.


This will work better with a Full Moon. Place your jewellery on the windowsill in view of the Moon in the evening or before you go to bed and leave it overnight. The Moonlight will cleanse the crystals. If it is overcast you can still use this method as its the energy that does the cleansing.

Copper Pyramid

If you can find or make a Copper pyramid, ideally made to the proportions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt you will have a powerful tool to cleanse and energise your jewellery and crystals. Simply place your jewellery inside the pyramid and leave it there for an hour.

Energy Methods

The quickest way to cleanse your jewellery is with energy. If you use a healing method such as Reiki or Sechim for example you have a system that can cleanse any object. If you have not been attuned to these systems you can hold the jewellery in your hands and visualise pure white light coming out of your hands and filling the object to its core. See it glow in your minds eye untill it becomes a ball of light all the time focus on your intension to cleanse it. This should be done in a minute or two. You can also say a few words like 'I cleanse this item of all negative and unbalanced energies, now'.

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