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Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Yoga Jewelry and Malas for Summer 2012

Some of you may have noticed ive been quite busy adding new designs to my shop. I will continue to add new designs but here are a few of the new ones from the last month or so, incase you have missed them.

Serpentine Yoga Bracelet with faceted Prehnite

This women's mala inspired bracelet using Russian Serpentine and three Bali Silver spacer beads. At the centre of the bracelet is a beautiful antique finish Bali Silver capped hand faceted misty green Prehnite. Helps aid deep meditation, detoxification and clearing the chakras for the Kundalini energy to rise.

Men's Om Bracelet with Picture Jasper and Tulsi Wood

This is an update to my men's Picture Jasper bracelet, which is now combined with a single Indian Tulsi Wood mala bead. The bracelet is completed with an antique bronze finished Om charm. This bracelet is worn for grounding, protection and clearing the aura.

Buddha Bracelet with Amazonite and Lotus Seed

I will be adding more womens Buddha Bracelets, this one is made from soothing blue green  Amazonite and a single white Lotus Seed mala bead. The Buddha is Gold Plated and has an antique finish. This bracelet is worn to help reduce worrying, support health and balancing yin and yang energies.

Men's Black Moonstone Celtic Bracelet

I love Norwegian Black Moonstone, it looks like storm clouds in the Summer. Ive finished this majestic bracelet with a handmade Silver cuff bead with a simple Celtic inspired design and antique finish. Worn for increasing your psychic awareness, protection and personal growth.

Green Amethyst Wire Wrapped Necklace

Some of you will remember my wire wraps from the past, ive created this design using hand faceted Prehnite aka Green Amethyst. Ive wrapped it in a bronze finished wire and it comes with an antique bronze finished chain. This stone is worn for spirititual transformation, working through karma and connection with your Higher Self.

Men's Buddha Bracelet with Bloodstone and Radraksha Seed

The latest in my collection of men's Buddha bracelets, ive used Bloodstone beads here and a single Rudraksha seed mala bead. The Buddha head has an antique bronze finish. Worn for healing, protection and courage.

Yoga Bracelet with Bronzite and Lapis Lazuli

Womens mala inspired bracelet made from Bronzite with three Bali Silver spacer beads. The guru bead is made from a high grade Lapis Lazuli capped in handmade Bali Silver with an antique finish. This bracelet is worn for intuition, protection and stilling the mind.

Men's Skull Bracelet with Picasso Jasper and Smoky Quartz

New skull bracelet made with Picasso Jasper and a single faceted Smoky Quartz bead. The skull has been given an antique bronze finish. Worn for clearing negative energy or thought patterns and protection.

Leaf Cham Bracelet with Moss Agate and Tulsi Wood

Ive paired these earthy Moss Agate beads with a single sacred Tulsi Wood mala bead. This forest inspied bracelet is finished with a handmade Thai Fine Silver leaf charm. This spiritual bracelet is worn for connecting with nature, self esteem and clearing the aura.

Men's Mantra Bracelet with Black Stone and Sandalwood

Ive contrasted these matte Black Stone beads with a single red Sandalwood bead. The bead has been engraved with fragments of an ancient Buddhist text known as the Heart Sutra. This spiritual bracelet is worn for absorbing negativity, calming and supports meditation practice.

Mala Bracelet with Jackfruit Wood and Lemon Jade

Mala inspired women's bracelet made with Jackfruit wood and handmade Bali Silver Lemon Jade capped guru bead. This spiritual bead bracelet is worn for increased energy, happiness and joy.

Men's Om Bracelet with Gold Sheen Obsidian and Tibetan Bone bead

I made this men's Tibetan Mala inspired bracelet from Gold Sheen Obsidian and a Bali Silver capped Tibetan bone mala bead. The bead is handpainted in Tibet. This mala bracelet is worn for releasing the ego and balancing the energy field.

You can find all these designs and much more at my shop Merkaba Warrior on etsy, I ship worldwide.

Ivan ॐ

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