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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Psychic Protection Crystal Bracelets

Since writing about Psychic Protection in my blog in the past, im often asked which of my bracelets or jewellery would I recommend for this by people. Quite alot of the stones I work with when designing jewellery are protective stones, so there are plenty of options available. The following are my top recommended bracelets for protection.

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Threefold Flame Bracelet - Tigers Eye, Carnelian and faceted Smoky Quartz

Mens Celtic Bracelet - Black Stone, faceted Onyx, Hematite and Norwegian Black Moonstone

Lapis Lazuli Lotus Bracelet - Lapis and Gold Vermeil Lotus Charm

Mens Buddha Bracelet - Norwegian Black Moonstone (Larvikite) and Silver plated Buddha

Midnight Garden Bracelet - Black Stone, Black Moonston, faceted Smoky Quartz & Onyx

Mens Tigers Eye Om Bracelet - Tigers Eye beads with Thai Fine Silver Charm

Mens Lava Stone Bracelet - Black Lava Stone with Silver capped Dragons Eye

Om Bracelet - Norwegian Black Moonstone (Larvikite) and Herkimer Diamond

Mens Evil Eye Bracelet - Onyx and Thai Silver eye bead

Buddha Bracelet - White Jade, faceted Himalayan Quartz and Silver P

Mens Wrap Braclet - Black Stone, Garnets and Bali Silver

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  1. Is the following available with 10mm beads without the gold charm? Lapis Lazuli Lotus Bracelet - Lapis and Gold Vermeil Lotus Charm

  2. Hi Demetri, I don't use 10mm beads in my range. I do have a men's 8mm bracelet with with a Lapis Lazuli focal bead which is a better option, link below:

  3. I really like your work! I was just wondering what bracelet do you recommend that helps in these areas: evil eye, black magic, negative energy and just jealousy? Thank you!

    1. Hi Ronnie, thanks. Personally I would choose the Celtic Bracelet with Black Stone, Onyx, Hematite etc, second one down above (direct link below) otherwise you could layer bracelets to cover different areas.