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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mens Moonstone Jewellery - Norwegian Black Moonstone

Ive been creating several bracelets for men from Black Moonstone, also known as Larvikite. Its hard to find Moonstone jewellery for men so this is something im happy to do, and ideal if your looking for something special and unique.

This is such an amazing stone, the colour is more of a blue grey with black, it has a subtle but very mysterious inner fire. Black moonstone looks a bit like the clouds before a Summer storm or when the full moon illuminates the clouds at night.

Black Moonstone is found in Norway, it is a member of the Feldspar family which is the same mineral group as traditional Moonstone and Labradorite. The properties of this stone are similar to Moonstone in that it enhances intuition, it is also good for psychic protection.

Mens Black Moonstone Celtic Bracelet with Bali Silver cuff

Mens Buddha Bracelet with Black Moonstone and Silver Buddha Head

Mens Celtic Bracelet with Black Stone, Onyx, Hematite and a Black Moonstone bead

You can find all these designs and much more at my shop Merkaba Warrior on etsy, I ship worldwide.

Ivan ॐ

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