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Friday, 15 June 2012

Leo Men - Astrological Birthstone Jewelry for Men

Choosing astrological birth stones for men can be very tricky, so ive done the hard work for you! Here is a selection of handmade men's semi precious jewellery using the astrological attributes and healing energy of gemstones. These ideas can be a great way to choose a gift for yourself or someone else when you know their Sun sign and do not use any obvious astrological images or symbols. Many stones are associated with different signs of the zodiac because of their connection with the planets which govern those signs and anyone born under that Sun sign. There are specific semi precious stones which work very well for certain signs.

Taking you beyond the limits of traditional birth stones which are only based on your month of birth not your Sun Sign, these specially selected items by Merkaba Warrior will work with the astrological energy of your sign to help enhance your potential, balance your energy, overcome challenges and help bring out the positive attributes of your astrological birth sign.

You can also work with the element of a sign, if you havent seen it already check out my article How to use Astrological Elements when Selecting Gemstone Jewellery for other options. Here are my reccomendations for those men born under the sign of Leo, links to where you can take a closer look or purchase these items are at the bottom of this article.

To see men's astrological stone jewellery ideas for all the other Sun Signs please, check out my page below:

Mens Astrological Birthstone Jewellery for all Sun Signs

Mens Tiger Eye Bracelet with Silver Om charm

Mens Lava Stone Om Bracelet with Faceted Tiger Eye bead

Tiger Eye Buddha Necklace  with blessed Vintage Thai Temple Amulet

Mens Matte Black Stone with Garnets Prayer Bead Bracelet

Mens Mala Bracelet with Tiger Ebony and Silver capped Garnet guru bead

Mens Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet

Mens Buddha Bracelet with Mahogany Obsidian and Sandalwood

You can find all these designs and more at my Merkaba Warrior shop on Etsy, I ship worldwide. Just click the banner or links at the bottom of this blog post.

Ivan ॐ

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