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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dark Ages - Archaic Revival Jewelry

The Dark Ages line of jewellery I have designed for Merkaba Warrior came about by the fusion of several ideas and archaic inspirations. I wanted to create gothic jewellery which was edgy, different and not obvious but also with a feel of something from the past. I began to look at Medieval jewellery and prayer beads and their use of faceted stones, hand finished Silver and dark gemsones such as blood red Garnets and jet black Onyx.

I have focused mainly on matte black stones which are complimented or contrasted with antiqued finished Silver beads,  charms, highly polished stones and faceted beads. Very little garnet jewellery is availbale for men these days so I am really happy ive been able to do this and that ive had so much positive feedback for this range. Ive also used Norwegian Black Moonstone which is such a beautiful stone, and a great alternative to common Moonstone.

Ill continue to add new designs to this archaic revival jewellery line, the pieces work really well layered together, worn in multiples or paired with any of my Lava Stone or Onyx jewellery. You can find all these designs and much more at my shop Merkaba Warrior on etsy, I ship worldwide.

Tip: To instantly find my Dark Ages jewellery, search inside my shop for the key words 'Dark Ages'!

Ivan ॐ

Layered men's bracelet with genuine Garnets and a handmade Silver bead

Mens Bracelet with Celtic Silver cuff bead, Faceted Onyx, Hematite
and Norwegian Black Moonstone

Close up of the faceted black Onyx with matte Black Stone beads

Limited Edition unisex Evil Eye Necklace with genuine antique
Ancient Egyptian faceted Garnet bead

Womens Ankh Bracelet with faceted Silver capped Onyx bead

Mens Lava Rock bracelet with Silver capped semi precious Dragon's Eye bead
Womens Bracelet with faceted Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Mother of Pearl,
Norwegian Black Moonstone and leafy vine pillow bead

Mens Bracelet with Norwegian Black Moonstone and Celtic
Silver spiral cuff bead

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