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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Merkaba Warrior Origins - My Story

I feel its time to explain how Merkaba Warrior came about. First of all I have always been interested in stones, crystals and minerals since I was a child, especially the metaphysical side of things. I went to Art Collage and when I left I began working as a Graphic Designer. Although this was a creative job, I found the high pressure environment to stifle my creativity. I felt like a slave to others ideas, to many rules, constraints and very few clients prepared to think outside of the box.

I started making pendants from semi precious stones in my spare time, first for myself then for others. I was interested in ways to use the properties of stones on a daily basis but wanted to do things a little differently to others and use some more unusual minerals which I couldnt find as pendants for myself.

After a while I moved onto working with semi precious stone beads, this was the easiest way to utilise stones or combinations of them. I noticed a lack of gemstone jewellery for men, most of the bracelets available were mass produced in the far east, most were made of leather, mystery metals and cheap indiscript woods. It all looked the same and had looked the same for at least a decade. I knew what I wanted for myself but I just couldnt find it - so I decided to make it!

My initial designs were very simple pieces, though I started from the very begining mixing in wooden beads such as Sandalwood and Tulsi Wood mala beads id found. The result was something that had a soul, real solid stones and they were easy to wear. I began adding to the collection so it was easy to combine bracelets and then began sharing these with others, who seemed to like them.

Straight away women began asking if I would do bracelets for them too, so I started to expand the range with both mens and womens jewellery. I began working with handmade Silver charms and beads, because I wanted to create something that was really special, I also began sourcing the highest quality gemstone beads I could find. Because of my original influence of malas and prayer beads from around the world I started to make beaded Buddha Necklaces, from vintage Thai amulets, allowing even more individuality for people with these one of a kind designs.

The freedom to create what I want and the support and positive feedback I have had for my designs from people all around the world has caused a constant flow of new ideas and inspiration for me.

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Ivan ॐ

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