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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spiritual Jewelry for Men - Beaded Bracelets and Malas

Ive been focused on spiritual jewellery for men since I started Merkaba Warrior. My designs are inspired by prayer beads and malas from various ancient cultures, especially India, Tibet, Bali and Thailand. I work with carefully selected semi precious stones, which give my pieces weight and their metaphysical attributes. I have always incorporated wood beads in my designs, especially from sacred trees and plants such as Sandalwood, Tulsi and the Lotus Seed.

My jewellery for men is relaxed and bohemian, with rustic elements, some have real vintage or antique components. I always give full details of the properties of the stones and woods I use, along with their associated elements and Chakras. The symbols and icons I use are also explained and each piece is designed with energy in mind. All these bracelst and necklaces come with their own quality  black velvet bag, making them ideal for a gift or to keep these special pieces of spiritual jewellery safe.

Tiger Ebony and Silver Capped Garnet Bracelet

Mahogany Obsidian & Indian Sandalwood Buddha Bracelet

Lava Stone & Tiger Eye Silver Om Bracelet

Vintage Nepalese Tribal Inidan Coin Necklace with Tiger Ebony

Picture Jasper & Olive Wood Chinese Coin Bracelet

Bronzite & Sandalwood Om Bead Bracelet

Buddha Head Bracelets, Gold Plated and Bronze

Vintage Thai Buddha Amulet Necklace with Bronzite Beads

You can find all these designs and more at my Merkaba Warrior shop on Etsy, I ship worldwide. Just click the banner or links at the bottom of this blog post.

Ivan ॐ

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