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Friday, 10 February 2012

Handmade Lotus Charm Necklace & Bracelet Set - relax and breathe!

Ive made a new necklace to go with my popular New Jade Lotus Charm Bracelet. This handmade necklace is made with a Fine Silver lotus pendant, a little bigger and more oval than the lotus charms on my bracelets. The pendant was handmade in Thailand and has a nice matte Silver and rustic look to it. The bead charm is made from semi precious New Jade, a form of Serpentine which has a misty soft green colour and ethreal glow. Ive wrapped each bead by hand in Silver plated wire, so each bead charm will be unique.

New Jade's properties help in clearing the Chakras, it is a very detoxifyng crystal and helps awaken and ease the Kundalini energies through its clearing of the chakra system. The lotus is a sacred and ancient symbol, which symbolises the rising above obstacles and becoming who we are through our life experiences and karmic lessons. This necklace reminds us to relax and breathe through any situation that challenges us!

The design is simple and relaxed and would go perfectly with my New Jade Lotus Charm Bracelet to really complete the look. The necklace comes with its own delicate Sterling Silver chain and a quality black velvet bag to keep it in or ideal as a gift.

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Ivan ॐ

Silver Lotus Necklace with charm - Wire Wrapped New Jade

Relaxed and blissed out!

New Jade is a chakra clearing crystal

Lotus Charm Bracelet - New Jade beads and Fine Silver Charm

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