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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lotus Bracelets - Gemstone Mala Bead Bracelets with the Lotus Flower

Ive added several bracelets which incorporate the lotus flower into their design. The lotus flower is a powerful symbol with a strong connection to Eastern traditions like Buddhism. It is becoming more an more a universal symbol for people as everyone can relate to its meaning and beauty. The lotus symbolises rising above obstacles in life and on the spiritual path. It is also used to represent the chakras especially the Crown Chakra, sometimes refered to as the Thousand Petal Lotus.

Here is a selection fo some of my beaded semi precious mala inspired energy bracelets which use the Lotus or Lotus Seeds in their design. Ill be adding more and am working on some ideas for a lotus necklace. Links to where you can see more pics of the spiritual jewellery are at the bottom of this article.

New Jade Lotus Bracelet - Fresh green, luminescent Jade with handmade Thai Fine
Silver lotus flower charm and Bali Silver accent.

Rose Quartz Lotus Bracelet - Soothing Rose Quartz with real
rose petal prayer beads and budding Lotus flowers in bronze.

Sugilite Lotus Bracelet - Rare Sugilite from South Africa, genuine white Lotus Seeds
anda rustic handmade Thai Fine Silver lotus charm.

Mens Buddha Bracelet - Lava Stone, Gold Plated Buddha and a single red
genuine lotus seed.

Silver Lotus Charm close up

Yoga Bracelets - New Jade Lotus Bracelet and Aqua Terra Jasper Om Bracelets

You can find all these designs and more at my Merkaba Warrior shop on Etsy, I ship worldwide. Just click the banner or links at the bottom of this blog post.

Ivan ॐ

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