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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How to use Mala Beads for Divination

This is a great tip to get a quick answer from most types of Prayer Beads or Mala beads. Traditional Malas and most Mala Inspired bracelets will usually feature some type of Guru Bead, also known as a Meru bead in some traditions. This is a bead which is usually different from the other beads, either larger, of a different matetial, texture or set apart from the main circle of beads where a tassle forms.

Here the guru bead is a Silver capped Garnet stone. Tiger Ebony Tibetan
Mala inspired bracelet by Merkaba Warrior

There are different beliefs about this bead though for me this bead is the symbol of or connection point for the Soul, Oversoul or Higher Self. When I read about this technique in Beads of Faith by Susannah Marriott it made perfect sense that it would use this bead.

You can use a mala bead necklace but its alot easier and quicker if you have a wrist mala or prayer bead bracelet, gemstone or wood beads are perfect. It also helps if your using a bracelet that is special to you, one you either use as a mala or which you wear on a regular basis. As with any divination it will work best if you do this when you are relaxed and only if you need to know the answer.

  • With the beads you are wearing, hold them in your hands and if possible close your eyes or look away from the beads themselves and ask the question to your higher self or guides, this must be a yes or no question.

  • Then feel the beads and allow your fingers to be drawn to one of the regular beads. It should jump out at you pretty quickly as the right one.

  • Count this bead in your own mind as 'Yes' then move in a circle around the beads, counting the next as 'No' and keep repeating in this order. Yes, No, Yes No...

  • When you reach the Guru Bead this bead gives you your final answer, either a yes or a no for your question!

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