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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Crystals for Protection from Psychic Vampires

There are many ways you can protect yourself from Psychic or Energy Vampires, but this article will deal specificly with how you can use crystals to protect and shield yourself. Perhaps not such a rare event, psychic vampirism as its come to be known is surprisingly common.

The most common signs are feeling very tired, drained and almost numb when you are around these people, or have interacted with them.

The following is a list I have compiled by my own experience with using crystals over the years and what the stones have communicated with me. You can use the crystals and stones in different ways, gridding your home or your bedroom, carrying them with you in your pocket or bag or wearing them as a pendant or bracelet.

Gem essences can also be created and sprayed into the aura or around your home, you can also incorporate the stones into a ceremony or spell for protection.

Tip: Try combining different crystals and mixing with other protective stones for a powerful combination which works on shielding at many different levels.

So are you ready to get steaking? ;)

Aqua Aura
Quartz Crystal bonded with Gold, creating a blue green stone. This crystal blocks Psychic Vampires from easily attaching their cords or tendrils (Yes a little creepy...) into your aura. Gold is a high vibration solar metal which seems to jangle their energy to much, its just to much for them to handle or makes your energy 'taste funny'.  Aqua Aura is basicly the garlic of the Mineral Kingdom! ;)

All forms of deep or dark red varieties of Garnet will work well. As well as being naturally protective Garnet emits life force energy. What it seems to do is act like a decoy, Psychic Vampires will actually end up pulling energy from the crystal and not you! Vampires if your reading this, wear this stone, it wont run out of energy.

Natural Citrine works best and is generally not bright yellow in colour. Citine works by lifting seemingly overpowering energies from your energy field. Its flow of golden energies releases those who are attaching themselves to your aura and makes it very hard for them to reconnect again.

Real Spectrolite is from Finland and is not grey like common Labrodorite. Help builds a powerful shield around you, Spectrolite seals holes or tears in the auric field which may have been caused by energy vamping. This stone is also good for spotting deceptive people, especially those who do funny things with energy.

This jet black crystal seems to confound and confuse hungry Psychic Vampires. It makes it very hard for them to plug into your aura and shields you from all types of negative attacks. It is also very potent once it has been faceted, creating a geometric barrier or device which breaks up harmful energies.

I hope this helps you,
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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Crystals Can Keep Depression Away - Medical Research on Crystals and Depression

A Lemurian Seed Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant I created
Sharing this short article on the powerful effects of Quartz crystal on those who suffer from depression:

Crystals can keep depression away. That's no secret to those of us who use crystals every day, but it's always nice when medical studies support our experiences.

A study by world-renown doctor, Dr. Norman Shealy, shows that the use of crystals can have a huge impact on keeping depression away. Dr. Shealy conducted a wonderful study where he gave Quartz crystals to depression patients who had improved using his program. He gave the patients in the control group a piece of glass instead of a quartz crystal. The study was double-blind so the patients did not know they were receiving glass instead of a Quartz crystal and the nurses distributing the crystals also did not know they were handing out glass to patients.

All patients were asked to wear their "crystals" around their neck for three months. Three months later, with no further treatment (not even anti-depressants), 70% of the patients who received the Quartz crystal remained out of depression. In stark contrast, only 28% of the patients who received glass remained out of depression.

This study shows what a wonderful tool crystals can be for increasing emotional health. Crystals can bring emotional stability and increase happiness, while absorbing the negative energy and negative emotions in your system. This results in greater emotional balance and an increase in overall well-being since the connection between mental and physical health is now well-documented. Hopefully more doctors will follow suit and conduct more studies on the amazing results of crystal healing.

*For more information on the study please see Dr. Normal Shealy's book, "Life Beyond 100: Secrets of the Fountain of Youth." Dr. Shealy is a reputable doctor and leading source on pain management who has acted as a consultant to many, including President Kennedy and Eisenhower's personal doctors. He graduated from Duke University Medical School and received a Ph.D. from Saybrook Institute. He is the founding president of American Holistic Medical Association and is Board Certified in Neurosurgery, Holistic Medicine, and Medical Psychotherapy. Most notable are Shealy's results in over 30,000 patients with chronic pain and depression that he has treated- he has a success rate of 85%.


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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Seven Secrets to Protection from Psychic Energy Vampires

Is there somone around you who makes you feel tired, drained or flat whenever you are around them? Do you know anyone who when they stop to talk to you makes you feel like you are a fly trapped in their emotional drama web, and are about to be sucked dry for dinner?

Experiencing upsetting repetative troll like personal attacks from someone online? You might have a Psychic Vampire...

These days they come in all shapes and sizes, some are pretty harmless, while others are full time vamps, there are actual books teaching people how to steal energy from others...

Most these people have no idea they are doing this, but there are some who knowingly go about looking for energy sources to pull from. There are ways you can handle the situation, such as not spending to so much time around them or communicating with them.

If thats not working or they are draining you distantly there are many psychic protection tools you can put into practice. Here are my top tips and secrets for dealing with Psychic Vampires.

1. Learn about Pychic Protection and impliment it straight away. Shielding techniques are freely available online if you look for them, ask around your spiritual friends. There are also many books on the subject, so use what works for you.

2. If your current shielding does not seem to work around this person, upgrade it fast. Adding extra layers, colours or symbols will usualy do the trick. Some Energy Vampires are stronger than others.

3. Avoid cutting off all communication straight away, this will only cause them to create attention seeking dramas or 'poor me' energy grabbing techniques to pull you back into their easily available energy sources to plug into. Watch out for clever mind games if you have known them for a while.

4. Never accuse them of what you suspect, you could be wrong and even if your not you will only agrivate them into a psychic attack. They may also just think you are crazy!

5. You can call on assistance from your Guides and guardians, Angels or Archangels such as Archangel Michael or whatever works for you.

6. Do not go into fear over this as that will only weaken your psychic protection quicker. Some really nasty psychic vampires will even feed off this fear. Stay strong and be confident about the actions and release any ties you have to this person, look into 'Etheric Cord Cutting' techniques.

7. You can use ceratin symbols, crystals and stones for protection such as in the form of jewellery, like bracelets and pendants. This is an age old tradition found in many ancient cultures. To find out some of the best crystals for protection from Psychic Vampires read part 2 here:

Crystals and Stones for Protection from Psychic Vampires

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