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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Merkaba Warrior Jewelry - Spiritual Jewelry & Energy Bracelets for Men and Women

Its been a year of big changes for me and my jewellery making, some of you will have noticed a big change in style for my new designs as featured on my new Merkaba Warrior store so here is a summery of what Merkaba Warrior jewellery is about in its current incarnation.

The Origins of Merkaba Warrior Jewellery

I started out making my own bracelets several years ago when I couldnt find what I was looking for. I use mostly semi precious stones combined with other minerals and natural materials including Silver and wood. Later I started to make pendants and bracelets for other people and have been doing this for several years.

What is Merkaba Warrior Jewellery?

Merkaba Warrior is a range of handmade spiritually inspired, metaphysical energy jewellery created by myself. I design beaded bracelets, necklaces and original pendants using semi precious stones, Earth minerals, Silver, sacred and aromatic woods, rare vintage and antique components. The range works well together so bracelts can be staked or worn togther with ease. I design these pieces for more than just their looks, working with stones for many years I feel I can create combinations which work visually and energetically. All my jewellery is made with personal empowerment in mind.

Who wears Merkaba Warrior?

I make jewellery for both men and women, some of my clients wear them because they like the style of the pieces and have no interest in the properties of gemstones. Others are looking for jewellery which is designed with energy in mind, something which is special and will have personal meaning for them and their life. I have clients who come from all walks of life and around the world, these have included alternative health practitioners, Yoga teachers, spiritual authors and healers.

What is a Merkaba anyway?

A Merkaba or Merkabah is a geometic form found in Sacred Geometry consisting of two three sided pyramids interlocking to for a 3D star as incorperated into my logo. This form is found in many ancient traditions and its name is said to mean the following in Ancinet Egyptian:

Mer = Light    Ka = Spirit   Ba = Body

It is generally believed to refer to a field of energy which surrounds all living things.

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Bracelet back again

This is a womens bracelet design I created a little while ago which was listed online for a while and then only removed as they were wanted for a local Art Gallery over here where they completely sold out im afraid! I have recieved alot of messages from people asking where this design went and if it will ever be coming back again, espcially since I had the photo of it in the women's bracelet gallery at the Merkaba Warrior Fan Page on Facebook. I have decided since my new shop opened up on Etsy MerkabaWarrior that I will be making some more and listing them there, in the next few weeks.

Ive managed to find the special bronze key charms again and source the same semi precious beads. The design has a victorian gothic look to it, the high quality pitch black Onyx beads are slightly oval and the key is antiqued with a very subtle cat hidden in its design. Its great for anyone who loves the Alice in Wonderland books, animation or movie or who likes things to look old and antique yet dark at the same time.

Onyx is a great stone for its protective properties, absorbing negativity and inspiring confidence in yourself and inner strength, it is also believed to sharpen memory. I also find its a great stone for protection from psychic energy vampires or those people who make you feel drained, blocking this out. You can see this design and other unique semi precious stone jewellery at my store Merkaba Warrior.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Birth Stone Jewelry... Or is it? - Real or Fake?

Birthstones are probably one of the first ways in which people are introduced to the idea of the metaphysical properties of gemstones and crystals. The tradition is said by some to have originated in Europe or at least the list of stones as we know them today in the western world seem to have been formulated here. Associating different stones with the stars or planets was popular for medieval Astrologers and Alchemists but exists in other ancient cultures such as Egypt and India for example. Nobody is really sure of the origins but we know they seem to have been chosen based on the month of birth originaly but I wonder if this was simply because people in the past did not know the exact date specifics of their astrological Sun Sign, so to make things easier for jewelers and people, months were chosen.

There are said to be two main Birthstone lists in circulation today but if you look more into it you can see that they often dont agree on certain months. Ive noticed differences between the European charts and one which is popular in the US. This does not matter to much and ill get to this later.

What really shocked me was a couple of years ago I was at a crafts fare with my sister and we were looking at a stand someone had which had various types of jewellery. There were some bracelets for sale which were displayed with a 'Birthstone' chart of the months and their associated 'crystal'. I knew the moment I saw the arteficial colours of the faceted stones incorperated into the bracelets that they were just glass!

I had to read the chart several times, confused how they could use terms such as the month of birth plus 'Emerald' and then sell you green glass beads. I thought this was a one off event but now im seeing this in many places online. Some are putting in the item description that they are various types of high quality glass or faceted 'crystal glass'... Now this is another thing ive noticed, the term crystal to me always meant a natural crystal or gemstone but many jewelry designers now use the term 'crystal' and 'crystal beads' to mean jewellery created from glass... Confused? I think that might be the purpose!

I can totaly understand why most people wont be able to afford a gem quality Ruby just because its their birthstone but believing a 'ruby red' piece of glass will have the same effect is a strange idea. I personaly think many people buy these items believeing "its my birthstone" or as gifts and dont read the small print (if there is any). So be very very careful with this type of misleading marketing. As far as im concerned any coloured glass is not a true birthstone.

You can get low grade non gem quality versions of many well known 'gems' such as Emerald and Ruby, they wont be clear or flawless but they will be the real thing and the properties are still the same. Also contary to popular belief there is actually many stones associated with your time of birth. If you look into the stones associated with your astrological birth sign you will have allot more choice and not the focus on precious gemstones but lots of semi precious stones which are much more afordable and easy to find. There is usually a good reason for why these stones are good for different signs, either enhancing positive qualities or balancing less desirable traits from the birth chart.

I will get into this more at a later date and I am definatly considering doing a range of astrological birthstone jewellery possibly personaly customised in the future with this knowledge. Please feel free to share the link to this article with friends via email, facebook or twitter so that they can also be aware of this.

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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mens Style Guide Autumn Fall Winter 2011 - 2012 This Seasons Jewelry Accessories & Tips - UPDATE

As with last year there are alot of dark colours coming in this season and leading to Winter of 2011/ 2012. Blacks, lots of grays, neutral and muted colours. Winter is generally about darker colours regardless what year it is so you really cant go wrong with darker colours with your accessories or jewellery. Ive introduced more black and darker stone mens bracelets this year and as always ive designed these to be worn with eachother so that they layer well and compliment eachother.

The beaded bracelets look great on their own or consider mixing dark ones with browns or metallic tones to create a contrast and more edgy look. Its a good idea to have at least one bracelet with a charm to finish off this look. If you dont like charm bracelets go for a bracelet with a focal bead to add variation and originality. Dont be afraid to mix matte beads with shiny ones, wear metal with stones.

Silver and matte black stone is a strong look you cant go wrong with. Ive created several Merkaba Warrior bracelets which incorporate this contrasting theme. Look for real Silver which has been oxidised (oxidized), this is where it has been delibratly tarnished and blackened around the edges and detailed parts creating an old worn or antique Silver look. I have picked out some new real Silver charms and beads which have had this treatment.

You can find these bracelets at my store Merkaba Warrior

Bracelet Stack, combining matte black and polished Semi Precious stones with oxidised Silver

Mens Black Lava Rock Bracelet with an oxidised handmade Silver Om Charm.

Mens double wrapped bracelet with matte Black Stone, a handmade oxidised Silver bead and blood red Garnets. 

Mens Bracelet with matte Black Stone, handmade oxidised Silver cuff bead, Hematite, a single faceted black Onyx and a Black Moonstone from Norway.

Mens bracelet with black Lava Rock, a single red Lotus Seed and a Gold Plated Buddha bead.

Mens bracelet with Hawks Eye beads and a Silver Plated Celtic knot charm.

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