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Friday, 9 December 2011

Yoga Jewelry - Spiritual Mala Bracelets and Meditation Jewelry for the Yoga Lifestyle

Much of the jewellery I design is influenced by Yoga philosophy and lifestyle. I started doing Yoga a few years ago and I experimented by wearing different crystals during my Yoga practice to see what happened. I found that wearing stones, especially as bracelets did enhance and support my Yoga experience. As prana or life force energy is circulated more freely during and following Yoga it made sense to me that semi precious stones properties would be magnified during these times.

Some people do wear necklaces during Yoga practice though they can get in the way, my Yoga Necklaces are best worn after practice or during meditations. Choosing the type of stone you wish to wear during Yoga is very personal, you may have particular properties you wish to work with in your life in general or select stones which suit your style or motive for Yoga. You may want calming relaxing stones, grounding or anti stress crystals, others may want spiritual connection or kundalini activation, it’s up to you. It’s good to have a few yoga bracelets for different uses.

Other people wear these pieces to express their spiritual interests and say a little about who they are. Much of my spiritual energy jewellery has personal meaning for people. Here is a selection of just some of my Yoga insired jewellery, you can find more and see more pictures of these at my Merkaba Warrior shop on Etsy. Just click the links or banner at the bottom of this article.


Buddha Head Bracelet - Mahogany Obsidian, aromatic Sandalwood
Mala Bead & Bronze Buddha head bead

Om Charm Bracelet - Aqua Terra Jasper, Freshwater Pearl & Thai Silver Om

Antique Chinese Coin Necklace - Smoky Quartz beads & Bronze

Buddha Bracelet - Blue Lace Agate, Genuine Vintage Pearls & Thai Buddha
charm replica

Om Bracelet - Serpentine, Hematite & Silver Plated Om Charm

Mala Bead Bracelet - Tiger Ebony & Silver capped Garnet Guru bead

Yoga Bracelets - New Jade & Silver Lotus Charm, Aqua Terra Jasper
& Pearl Om Charm

Yoga Necklace - Handmade from Blessed Vintage Thai Temple Buddha
Amulet & Dragons Eye beads

Handmade Silver Lotus Necklace with New Jade Wire Wrapped Bead Charm

Jade Lotus Bracelet - New Jade Beads & Thai Fine Silver lotus charm

Buddha Bracelet - Blue Sodalite beads & Thai Buddha Charm replica

Buddha Head Bracelet - Norwegian Black Moonstone & Silver Plated
Buddha Head Bead

Yoga Bracelet Set - Coconut Palmwood Silver Capped Agate Guru Bead.
Comes with a Cherry Wood Mala Bead Bracelet

Lotus Bracelet - Genuine Sugilite, Lotus Seed Mala beads
& Fine Silver lotus charm

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