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Friday, 9 December 2011

Om Bracelets - Beaded Bracelets with the Sanskrit Om symbol

These are a selection of some of my semi precious stone Merkaba Warrior bracelets which incorporate the Om symbol into their design. Om or Ohm is formed by ancient Sanskrit letters to represent the sound which created and maintains the Universe. The symbol is important to both Hindu and Buddhist spirituality, you will notice it is often part of mantras, used in meditations and in some Yoga traditions.

In my spiritual jewelley I use the symbol to also to represent all of creation, help remove distraction from your spiritual path and maintain emotional calmness.

Ivan ॐ

Om Charm Bracelet - Aqua Terra Jasper, Freshwater Pearl & Handmade
Fine Silver Om
Mens Beaded Om Bracelet - Bronzite & Engraved Om Sandalwood Mala Bead
Mens Om Bracelet - Black Lava Rock and Handmade Fine Silver Om Charm
Mens Om Charm Bracelet - Serpentine, Hematite & Silver Plated Om
Om Bracelet - Black Moonstone, Herkimer Diamond
& Silver Plated Om Charm

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