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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Buddha Necklaces - Genuine Thai Temple Buddha Amulets & Gemstone Beads

Ive created a few original Buddha Necklaces for Merkaba Warrior and plan on doing more this year. I have taken my inspiration for these pieces from Mala Beads and Prayer Bead Necklaces, using authentic vintage Thai Buddha Amulets. In Thailand most Buddhist Temples create their own amulet, which people wear as a spiritual reminder and also for protection from evil spirits.

Most these amulets are made of clay or metals such as bronze or copper. They usualy display a seated Buddha on the front side though other designs can sometimes be found. The backs can have a variety of images and designs, many show a local Priest or Monk, some show the temple or shrine and others show astrological charts. All show the beautiful Thai letters.

Ive combined these authenic amulets with semi precious gemstone beads and keep my designs simple, most of them are unisex and will suit either a man or a woman. I energetically cleanse and activate all the vintage amulets before they are used in any of my jewellery. The amulet sits around the middle of the chest area, im currently using 23" total length. The beaded gemstone necklaces feel very solid and powerful to wear, they go well with simple clothing and really make a powerful statement. Each of the amulets I use so far are different so each necklace is original and unique.

Below are some photos of just some of the Buddha Necklaces ive made and how I cleanse the amulets. You can find similar designs and more at my Merkaba Warrior shop on Etsy, I ship worldwide. Just click the banner or links at the bottom of this blog post.

Ivan ॐ

Buddha Necklace - Thai Buddha Amulet & Dragons Eye beads (Red Tiger Eye)

Vintage Thai Temple Buddha Amulet

Buddha Necklace - Thai Buddhist Amulet & Golden Tigers Eye Beads

Old Thai Buddha Amulet Medal

Beaded Buddha Necklace - Vintage Thai Amulet & Picasso Jasper Beads

Buddha Necklace - Old Thai Temple Buddha Amulet & Tiger Eye Beads

Thai Amulets being cleansed and charged in my Copper Pyramid

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