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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Buddha Head Bracelets for Men - Beaded Spiritual, Meditation & Yoga Jewelry

Ive created several  Buddha Head Bracelets for the Merkaba Warrior range. The beads are top quality, beautifully detailed Buddha heads which have also had an antique finish to them creating that aged look. Ive combined these with top grade semi precious stones and Earth minerals and a few Mala bead inspirations such as genuine Indian Sandalwood and polished Lotus Seeds. The designs look really classy, feel solid to wear and have a great energy.

You can see all these and more bracelets for men and women at my Merkaba Warrior shop on Etsy, just click the banner or links and the bottom of this post.
Ivan ॐ

Mens Silver Buddha Head Bracelet - Black Moonstone

Mens Buddha Head Bracelet with a Silver plated Buddha head bead and Norwegian Black Moonstone. The stone is blue grey and black with a subtle iridescence. Worn for enhancing psychic awareness, intuition and protection.

Mens Bronze Buddha Head Bracelet - Mahogany Obsidian

Mens Buddha Head Bracelet with Mahogany Obsidian, Bronze Buddha head bead and a single Sandalwood Mala or Japa bead. A volcanic rich earthy brown and black stone with a calming woody aroma. Worn for overcoming obstacles, inner strength and a calm positive mind.

Mens Gold Buddha Head Bracelet - Black Lava Rock 

Mens Buddha Head Bracelet with Black Lava Rock, a Gold plated Buddha head bead and a single burnt red Lotus Seed mala bead. A powerful statement piece with soul. Worn for grounding, protection and rising above obstacles.

Mens Bronze Buddha Bracelet with Bloodstone and Radraksha Seed

This Buddha Head Bracelet is made with Bloodstone and an antique bronze finished Buddha head. The bracelet also features a single Radraksha seed mala bead from the Himalayas. This design is very healing and is also worn for protection.
Try layering them with other Buddha head bracelets or combining them with other yoga bracelets and mala inspired designs to complete the look. They also look great when worn in multiples. To see these and other bracelets in more detail please visit my shop on Etsy, click on the Merkaba Warrior banner or links below.

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  1. The Buddha beads look awesome

  2. Hi, may I know if you have white moonstone silver Buddha Head Bracelet for men? And can I buy it online? Please quote the price. Thanks!

  3. Hi Liv, no I dont have any white Moonstone beads for this design sorry.

  4. Hi m Bharat from maharashtra, I'd like to buy the Buddha & evil eye Tell me how to go about it.....also can I only get the beads???? Awaiting u 'reply thx...

  5. Hi Bharat, my shop link is at the bottom of the article if you want to see my current designs, or go here: I do not seel just the beads no.

  6. Hi thx for u're reply.....I have a few more queries....firstly r u in India cause all the rates are in I'll need to know how to go abt the purchase.... If u are pl let me know if u have a store i can visit......also my main interest is in the beads so instead of stringing it in semiprecious or precious stones can u string it in wood beads???? Cause I won't be wearing the stones......

  7. No I live in England, UK. Etsy allows people to select their own currency when they join or should ask when you view so I personally see the shops in pounds for example. I dont have a physical store, or outlets in India but have had a few buyers from India through Etsy.

    The only wood bead Buddha bracelet I do is made of Rosewood and Amber, its currently out of stock but should be back soon. I do not do customised designs any more as I am to busy these days. You might find someone else who makes Buddha bracelets with just wood on Etsy or similar sites if you look.