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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mens Winter Fashion Tips Style Guide 2011 - 2012 Red and Black Bracelets for men

Bracelets are not just for summer, you can really complete a look with a single well chosen item of jewellery.  If your going smart or out for the evening, stick to one item, black is always good also Silver jewellery. During the day or for a more relaxed casual look, you can layer multiple bracelets together.

Heres a cool way to wear colours during the winter, there isnt really some magical place which a shadowy council decides what colours are in season, though I think one of my old art tutors did tell us that... Seasonal fashion actually follows the 'seasons' so colours associated with that time of year and by that I mean the colours of nature and some traditional festivals. So winter is really about darker colours in general or colours paired with black and greys. Winter isnt just about black though, its also associated with fire colours, warm browns, reds and gold.

The following are some ideas suggested items of jewellery ive created for my Merkaba Warrior mens range which work very well in the Winter. Try combining black with a touch of red for a bold and warmer look. Look out for burnt reds, oranges and red brown tones to mix with black or greys.

You can see all these and more at my Merkaba Warriot shop on Etsy, I ship worldwide. Just click the banner or links at the bottom of this blog post.

Ivan ॐ

Merkaba Warrior Bracelets - Mahogany Obsidian, Bronzite and Lava Rock.
Bronze and Gold plated buddha head beads and sandalwood.

Merkaba Warrior Bracelet - Black Lava Rock and Dragons Eye focal bead
held in genuine Silver.

Merkaba Warrior Bracelet - Red Jasper with Black Sandalwood and real Silver accent

Merkaba Warrior Bracelet - Black Lava Rock, Gold plated Buddha Head Bead
with a single Red Lotus Seed bead

Mens Red and Black Bracelet Stack, Lava Rock, Red Jasper, Dragons Eye

Merkaba Warrior Bracelet - Black Stone, Oxidized Silver and blood red Garnets.

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  1. Thanks, I like what you did with the red tiger eye and lava stone.