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Friday, 4 November 2011

Mens Beaded Bracelets - Jewelry for Men with Real Stones and Mala beads

Ive been busy working on the latest designs for the Merkaba Warrior mens range of bracelets. Ive added quite alot of high quality Mens Beaded Bracelets in the last few weeks, if you havent stopped by in a while. Here are some of my latest designs and personal favourites to check out.

My Current Inspirations & Development

Im always inspired by Prayer Beads and Mala Beads and try to incorporate them into many of my designs. Ive been using some new Buddha head beads, mixing natural stones with specialist wood beads and finding more handmade artesan created real Silver beads and charms. Ive been working alot with alot of black, both matte and polished semi precious stone, but have started adding other colours lately. I will continue to expand the range to give more options for combining and layering my bracelets.

You can see all these and more at my Merkaba Warriot shop on Etsy, I ship worldwide. Just click the banner or links at the bottom of this blog post.

Ivan ॐ

Mens Beaded Bracelet Stack - Matte Black and Silver

From the top - The Merkaba Warrior Signature Piece made with matte Black Stone, Hematite, faceted Onyx, Norwegian Black Moonstone and handmade genuine Silver cuff bead. Black Lava Rock and handmade genuine Silver Om charm. Double wrapped with matte Black Stone, polished Garnets and a handmade genuine oxidised Silver bead.

Mens Bracelet - Red Jasper and Black Sandalwood

New design combining high quality Red Jasper, Black Sandalwood Mala beads and a small handmade genuine oxidised Silver bead. A bold and masculine design.

Mens Beaded Bracelet - Lava Rock and Dragons Eye

Ive used Black Lava Rock and a single top grade polished Dragons Eye focal bead (Red Tigers Eye) held in geuinine Silver. A rustic piece with plenty of fire.

Mens Charm Bracelet - Serpentine and Hematite

New design made from Russian Serpentine and a single Hematite accent bead with a rustic Silver plated Om Charm. An Earthy and unique piece.

Mens Mala Style Buddha Bracelet Stack

From the Top - Mahogany Obsidian, Indian Sandalwood and Bronze Buddha head bead. Bronzite with an engraved Sandalwood Mala bead focal. Black Lava Rock, red Lotus Seed Mala bead and a Gold plated Buddha head bead bead.

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  1. hello
    i want to buy Merkaba Warrior Men's Bracelet stack
    i was just looking at it on Etsy online shop but i disappeard and i could not find it again can you please help me to find it and buy it,
    i also want to buy other stuff with this bracelet
    thank you

  2. Hi Orgil I got ur message on Etsy I will respond to you there :)