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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Crystals for Protection from Psychic Vampires

There are many ways you can protect yourself from Psychic or Energy Vampires, but this article will deal specificly with how you can use crystals to protect and shield yourself. Perhaps not such a rare event, psychic vampirism as its come to be known is surprisingly common.

The most common signs are feeling very tired, drained and almost numb when you are around these people, or have interacted with them.

The following is a list I have compiled by my own experience with using crystals over the years and what the stones have communicated with me. You can use the crystals and stones in different ways, gridding your home or your bedroom, carrying them with you in your pocket or bag or wearing them as a pendant or bracelet.

Gem essences can also be created and sprayed into the aura or around your home, you can also incorporate the stones into a ceremony or spell for protection.

Tip: Try combining different crystals and mixing with other protective stones for a powerful combination which works on shielding at many different levels.

So are you ready to get steaking? ;)

Aqua Aura
Quartz Crystal bonded with Gold, creating a blue green stone. This crystal blocks Psychic Vampires from easily attaching their cords or tendrils (Yes a little creepy...) into your aura. Gold is a high vibration solar metal which seems to jangle their energy to much, its just to much for them to handle or makes your energy 'taste funny'.  Aqua Aura is basicly the garlic of the Mineral Kingdom! ;)

All forms of deep or dark red varieties of Garnet will work well. As well as being naturally protective Garnet emits life force energy. What it seems to do is act like a decoy, Psychic Vampires will actually end up pulling energy from the crystal and not you! Vampires if your reading this, wear this stone, it wont run out of energy.

Natural Citrine works best and is generally not bright yellow in colour. Citine works by lifting seemingly overpowering energies from your energy field. Its flow of golden energies releases those who are attaching themselves to your aura and makes it very hard for them to reconnect again.

Real Spectrolite is from Finland and is not grey like common Labrodorite. Help builds a powerful shield around you, Spectrolite seals holes or tears in the auric field which may have been caused by energy vamping. This stone is also good for spotting deceptive people, especially those who do funny things with energy.

This jet black crystal seems to confound and confuse hungry Psychic Vampires. It makes it very hard for them to plug into your aura and shields you from all types of negative attacks. It is also very potent once it has been faceted, creating a geometric barrier or device which breaks up harmful energies.

I hope this helps you,
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  1. Hi interesting blog reminded of elements of the crystals I have, thank you

  2. Hi Merry,

    Yes elements are a good way to select stones. Some people associate certain elements with protection but I believe most elements protect on different levels. Earth elements stones are almost all protective.

  3. Awesome post. I have a friend who is a psychic vampire. I'm interested in the garnet, however I only have synthetic/man made garnet. Will this be effective or strong enough to help my friend out if they wear it as a ring? Also, what hand should they wear the garnet ring on? I was reading that the left hand receives energy, so maybe that would be the best one to wear it on?

    1. Thats very thoughtful of you. I havent used synthetic garnet so cant say. I know some is just red glass others use red cubic zirconia another crystal.

      Crystals will work as soon as they are within your aura but yes the hand that is non dominant would be ideal in this situation. Good luck

  4. Would these methods work against true vampires--that is, people that are not suffering (e.g. misfortune, depression) at all and are instead pure predators that deliberately steal your energy to fuel their life force?

  5. Hi! Excellent advice, and for some reason I am really encountering more vampire behavior than ever. Does anyone know of a chant or blessing I can say silently while I am actually in their presence? Thank you!