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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mens Style Guide Autumn Fall Winter 2011 - 2012 This Seasons Jewelry Accessories & Tips - UPDATE

As with last year there are alot of dark colours coming in this season and leading to Winter of 2011/ 2012. Blacks, lots of grays, neutral and muted colours. Winter is generally about darker colours regardless what year it is so you really cant go wrong with darker colours with your accessories or jewellery. Ive introduced more black and darker stone mens bracelets this year and as always ive designed these to be worn with eachother so that they layer well and compliment eachother.

The beaded bracelets look great on their own or consider mixing dark ones with browns or metallic tones to create a contrast and more edgy look. Its a good idea to have at least one bracelet with a charm to finish off this look. If you dont like charm bracelets go for a bracelet with a focal bead to add variation and originality. Dont be afraid to mix matte beads with shiny ones, wear metal with stones.

Silver and matte black stone is a strong look you cant go wrong with. Ive created several Merkaba Warrior bracelets which incorporate this contrasting theme. Look for real Silver which has been oxidised (oxidized), this is where it has been delibratly tarnished and blackened around the edges and detailed parts creating an old worn or antique Silver look. I have picked out some new real Silver charms and beads which have had this treatment.

You can find these bracelets at my store Merkaba Warrior

Bracelet Stack, combining matte black and polished Semi Precious stones with oxidised Silver

Mens Black Lava Rock Bracelet with an oxidised handmade Silver Om Charm.

Mens double wrapped bracelet with matte Black Stone, a handmade oxidised Silver bead and blood red Garnets. 

Mens Bracelet with matte Black Stone, handmade oxidised Silver cuff bead, Hematite, a single faceted black Onyx and a Black Moonstone from Norway.

Mens bracelet with black Lava Rock, a single red Lotus Seed and a Gold Plated Buddha bead.

Mens bracelet with Hawks Eye beads and a Silver Plated Celtic knot charm.

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  1. I really like the new designs, love the celtic ones -im checking out your Etsy store now.

  2. Will you be making more of the black stone, onyx and silver cuff bead bracelet? I think I missed it on your Etsy...

  3. Hi Arthur, thanks for your comments. I sold out fast with that design. I am trying to track down another supplier for the Silver bead it uses, as soon as I can ill make some new ones and list them.