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Friday, 23 September 2011

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Bracelet back again

This is a womens bracelet design I created a little while ago which was listed online for a while and then only removed as they were wanted for a local Art Gallery over here where they completely sold out im afraid! I have recieved alot of messages from people asking where this design went and if it will ever be coming back again, espcially since I had the photo of it in the women's bracelet gallery at the Merkaba Warrior Fan Page on Facebook. I have decided since my new shop opened up on Etsy MerkabaWarrior that I will be making some more and listing them there, in the next few weeks.

Ive managed to find the special bronze key charms again and source the same semi precious beads. The design has a victorian gothic look to it, the high quality pitch black Onyx beads are slightly oval and the key is antiqued with a very subtle cat hidden in its design. Its great for anyone who loves the Alice in Wonderland books, animation or movie or who likes things to look old and antique yet dark at the same time.

Onyx is a great stone for its protective properties, absorbing negativity and inspiring confidence in yourself and inner strength, it is also believed to sharpen memory. I also find its a great stone for protection from psychic energy vampires or those people who make you feel drained, blocking this out. You can see this design and other unique semi precious stone jewellery at my store Merkaba Warrior.

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