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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rose Petal Bead Bracelets - Prayer Beads

I recently started working with some rose petal beads to create a bracelet which also gave off the scent of roses like a perfume. Rose petal beads actually are believed by some to have started being used in prayer beads like Mala's in places like India. These were traded and the Christians later adopted this practice creating 'rosaries' though some have disputed this, the name rosarie does come from a word which means as garden of roses.

People also used these beads to scent clothes, rooms and wardrobes. Creating rose petal beads is not easy. The petals of roses are crushed and moulded into beads and dried out. When wearing rose petal beads the heat of the body helps release the aroma which comes from the natural oils found inside the rose. In aromatherapy rose oil is used to balance female hormones, easing stress and anziety, it is soothing and calming.

I have made my first bracelet design using rose petal beads which I combined with Rose Quartz crystal beads, which I think works well. I have only used two beads so the scent is not too powerful. To keep your rose petal bead bracelet's scent for longer, store it in a jewellery box or airtight container. Some people like to fragrance a room with these beads. I used an asian theme for this design, the bronze charm has a simple illustration of budding flowers on it and I feel it would not look out of place on a Geisha's wrist.  Let me know what you think. You can take a closer look at this bracelet at my new Merkaba Warrior Etsy shop.

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