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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to Wear Men's Bracelets

Men's bracelets are nothing new and they are not going anywhere. If your unsure how to wear a bracelet, here are my top tips and things to think about. Firstly lets just go over the different types of bracelets and consider how they are fastened.

The Different Types of Men's Bracelets:

Cuff Bracelet - These are usually made of solid metal with a gap to slide your wrist in

Stretchy Bracelet - Usually beaded bracelets which are easy to take on and off

Clasp Bracelet - Any bracelet which has to be fastened with a hook and clasp

Wrap Bracelet - Usually leather or beaded and wraps several times around the wrist

Woven Bracelet - Created by weaving string often into geometric patterns. Tied on till it wears away

String Bracelet - A simple string which is tied on till it wears away

Leather Bracelet - Made from one piece of leather or woven from several pieces.

Chain Bracelet - A metal chain with a hook and clasp fastening

Beaded Bracelet - Can be made from beads made of wood, gemstone or any material

Black stone beaded bracelets with Silver beads and charms

Consider the Fitting

Often overlooked. Some places will have a small, medium or large option for bracelets while overs will just come in one size. You need to check the size of a bracelet before buying online. Measure your wrist size with a soft measuring tape like that used for clothes fitting or taking body measurements.

You don't want a bracelet to be too loose or to fit tightly. An exact fit may seem like a good idea but can actually be quite uncomfortable. Like an item of clothing you want some room for movement.

Never think that because a bracelet is stretchy that it will magically fit your wrist. You should never see gaps between the beads. This is not a good look!

Tip: Ideally your wrist size should be within 1/4" of the inner size of the bracelet for comfort.

Bracelet Do's and Don'ts

The rules of wearing jewellery have changed over time. There is nothing wrong with doing your own thing but it is best to follow some basic rules and avoid common mistakes with bracelets when you first start.

Generally for men it is considered better to wear fewer items of jewellery at the same time. Remember a watch is counted as a piece of jewellery. Start with one carefully chosen bracelet, two works well but be very careful with three. Avoid more than this unless your a seasoned pro, rock star or bohemian.

With beads you can wear anything from tiny 4mm up to 8mm beads. I do not recommend wearing 10mm beads as this is a large bead size which can look bulky especially on smaller wrist sizes.

As with any item you wear consider when your wearing it. If your dressing casual then you can get away with mixing styles and multiple bracelets. If your dressing smarter, going on a date or at work then minimal is better. One carefully chosen statement bracelet will finish your outfit.

It is easier to stick to wearing your bracelets on just one wrist. If you want to wear them on both go for two on one wrist and one on another.

Consider colours and textures carefully. Do the colours of the bracelets look good together and do they match what your wearing?

Red and green colours contrast here

Different Ways to Wear Bracelets:


Stacking Bracelets

Wearing multiple bracelets of different types and sizes is a good look. Be careful mixing metals. Wear silver with silver and gold with gold or brass. Try one metal cuff with beaded bracelets or a leather woven bracelet with beads. One bracelet should always be a statement piece and any others should be simpler and or smaller.

A Woven Leather Bracelet with a Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

Wearing Bracelets with a Watch

Better to avoid cuffs and chains or anything too flashy with a watch. Any metal parts in the bracelets need to match your watch. If wearing multiple bracelets go for smaller sizes so as not to compete with the watch or look too clunky. Wear one or two bracelets with a watch maximum.

A simple silver bead bracelet worn with a minimalist silver watch

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Thank you,


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Monday, 11 January 2016

Crystal Healing Bracelets UK

I am an independant Jewellery designer based in Yorkshire, England who has been making crystal healing jewellery for Men and Women for over 5 years now. I only work with high quality semi precious stone beads, sacred woods and real precious metals. Learn more about what I do below or go straight to my shop Merkaba Warrior.

Only High Quality Stones

I select only the best gemstone beads from a trusted proffesional gemstone suppliers. I do not purchase beads from Ebay sellers or source cheap beads from the far East (known for their fakes...). When you get a bracelet from me you are getting only high quality natural stones.

Lepidolite Om Bracelet and Lavender Jade Buddha Bracelet

Genuine Handmade Jewellery

I make all my bracelets myself. You can be certain you are not getting Sweat Shop made crystal bracelets that are sadly being sold everywhere. I design each piece myself with care and thought. My jewellery is inspired by Mala beads and Prayer Beads from various ancient cultures.

Tigers Eye, Carnelian and Smoky Quartz

Real Precious Metals

I use Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil. I also use high quality Silver Plated and Gold Plated parts. Please don't be fooled by people with similar looking charms or buddha beads which are made from mystery metals which may be toxic...

Mens Buddha Bracelet Set

Real Crystal Healing Knowledge

I have been interested in crystal healing and working with crystals for over 20 years now. I am the author of Discover Your Guardian Stone and am writing several soon to be published books on crystal healing. I use my knowledge of crystals in my designs and descriptions. To learn more about my books or crystal healing  please visit

Aqua Terra Om Bracelet and New Jade Lotus Bracelet

A Trusted UK Seller

I have been selling my jewellery online for 5 years now and have two local art Galleries that have a selection of my jewellery. I have a 5 Star Rating on my Etsy shop with hundreds of positive reviews. I am grateful to have valued customers who have been collecting my jewellery for years. But dont take my word for it, see what others are saying:

"Delivery was within a couple of days and the bracelet was perfect. Excellent quality and exceeded my expectations. Would definately recommend."

 "I bought a bracelet from you and wanted to let you know that it was the most wonderful thing I have purchased in a long time! So thank you for creating such a wonderfully simple piece of pleasure. Keep up the fantastic work and I will look to buy more from you in the future."

"The products fantastically designed, but the fact it came in a small bag with hand written thank you made me smile. Fantastic product which I love, and it arrived quicker than I expected. Couldn't fault anything!" 

Fine Silver Elephant Charm Bracelets. Amazonite and Pearl

Good Vibes Included for free!

I personally use crystal healing on a daily basis. I store all Merkaba Warrior jewellery in protective boxes with the Flower of Life symbol on. I feel this gives my jewellery great energy and keeps it clear. I have been told many times my jewellery has a good energy.

Each item comes in a hand printed bag with extras

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Thank you,

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

New Womens Evil Eye Bracelet and Mens Wrap Bracelet

Here are the latest two bracelt designs to join the Merkaba Warrior collection this Autumn. I added one new Men's Bracelet and one for the Women's range. You can click any of the photos to learn more and purchase these bracelets.

Men's Bronzite Wrap Bracelet

I decided it was time to add another Wrap Bracelet to the men's range as I only currently have one which is black and silver. The inspiration for this design was mala beads which have been wrapped several times around the wrist.

I have used 6mm Bronzite beads (Read the properties below if your interested) I have quite a few men's designs whoch use the larger Bronzite beads so this bracelet will complement them perfectly. The bracelet also features two detailed Gold Plated beads with an antique finish.

Energetic Properties:

Bronzite is a good grounding stone which helps increase and support your determination in life. It is also good for stilling the mind and increasing personal empowerment.

Affirmation: "I am Rooted to the Earth as I Commit to Make my Dreams a Reality."

Chakra: Root Chakra, Solar Plexus

Astrology: Leo & Taurus

Element: Earth

This bracelet wraps twice around the wrist

Gold Plated accent beads with antique finish

Women's Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet

Up till now there have been no Evil Eye Bracelets for women in my shop. I have finally found a Fine Silver evil eye charm which works with the range. As each charm is handmade and finished, each one is slightly different.

I have also found some real Turquoise beads which have been stabalised for hardness. They have a nice blue green colour, black veins and a little mottling. The beautiful colour of this Turquoise is very reminiscent of Tibetan Turquoise.

There is alot of confusion and myths about stabalised Turquoise. The truth is most of the World's Turquoise is too delicate and has to be stabalised by adding a clear epoxy resin or it won't survive cutting into beads or gemstones, it also stops the fading of untreated Turquoise.

Energetic Properties:

Turquoise is worn for protection, calmness and is said to help reduce stress and worry. The eye symbol has been worn for protection from the evil eye, ill-wishing and jealousy in many cultures since ancient times.

Affirmation: “I Am Calm and Protected”

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Astrology: Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

Element: Earth & Air

6mm Stabalised Turquoise Beads

Handmade Thai Fine Silver charm

Hope you like the new designs. If so I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Thank you,
Ethan ॐ

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